Val's halla was born July 26, 1972 following the demise of a small record chain I had managed from the same location since 1968.

One week after the fall of the chain, I was able to lease the empty location that had been my home for almost five years and -- with the all-volunteer efforts of former employees -- literally brought a myth to life.

After almost four decades in our original home on South blvd, the spectre of re-development reared its head. The result was a re-location to the Arts District of Oak Park to 239 Harrison Street.

Every musical genre is represented in every format. New & Used Vinyl, an extensive selection of CD & Cassette from complete operas to rap and from world music to local Chicago artists. If we don't have it in stock, we can usually have it in 24 to 48 hours.

Our specialty is our experience. In April 2003, it was 41 years since I began my first record biz job at Capitol Records in 1962, and 50 years or so since I began my love affair with recorded music. Long after customers have lost interest in the search for that special song, we're still plowing thru our resources.

When you've tired of shopping for music in refrigerator stores , come pay us a visit in person (at 239 W. Harrison Street, Oak Park, Illinois, 60304), call (708/524-1004), or email. We'll try to help.

Used Product. Ah yes, herein lie the treasures. I began selling used LPs in 1973 when a former employee, who had run a used record store during his college years, suggested it as an adjunct to the sale of new product. Little did we know then what changes were to occur to our beloved vinyl.

We began with a couple of hundred albums we bought from a long time customer who was moving to another state. Because of a limited amount of space, we made it a policy to buy only excellent condition vinyl. That policy had served us well thru the years and is one of the key differences in the quality of our used stock.

Thousands and thousands of purchases later, the store brims over with 45s, LPs, cassettes and CDs in every conceivable musical category, from big bands to bauhaus, from rockabilly to rap.

From near and far visitors come to search our bins for that rare childhood musical memento or to explore a new musical landscape.