After ten years, we've settled nicely into our "new" home in the Arts District of Oak Park. Our airier location has allowed us to offer some new goodies that didn't fit in our beloved alley on South Boulevard.

BOOKS & MAGAZINES: A wide array of paper collectibles from 60's Beatles fanzines to opera hardcover books to rare back issues of Mojo, and even some concert programs and other oddities. Come see.

NEEDLES: That old phonograph you unearthed from the attic or purchased at your corner re-sale shop definitely needs a new needle. We have them in all shapes and sizes. However, needles are not interchangeable, so it is important to provide us with the old needle or the cartridge number so that we can supple you with the correct replacement.

SALE BINS: We finally have some space for "great deal" bins -- continually replenished $.79 LP & cassette stock and $.99 CD's. You would not believe some of the unusual but worthy bargains in stock.

FREE STUFF: Regularly, the still remaining record companies send us an array of promotional material/posters for whatever they're hyping that week. We give it away to whomever gets here first. Be the one.

OPTIONS: The most productive way to find the hidden gems in the Val's album, 45, cassette and CD bins is to visit us several times a week. However, I'm aware that if you are stranded on the cyber highway far from the Arts District of Oak Park, Illinos, that might be somewhat impractical. So -- we have a couple of other options. Send me an e-mail with your "wants". Please keep your list to 10 items or less. We simply do not have the wherewithall to search 20 pages of small print "northern soul" requests. Option 2, check out our collection posted on & We offer a continually updated list of extremely rare selections as they come to us.

Of course, Option 3 might be the best choice. Just plan your next vacation around a visit to Oak Park, with enough time to immerse yourself in our bulging bins -- especially if you're a vinyl lover --- and who isn't?

SCRATCH REPAIR: Shayne has perfected our scratch repair service for CDs, DVDs and Game Discs. This is not one of those home kits, it is a professional resurfacing machine. It does a great job. CD - $3.00, DVD - $5.00, Game discs - $8.00