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All hail the King!

It all started with an abandoned bathroom in the rear of the old store on South Blvd. The bathroom beckoned for recognition. It was, after all, in that dreaded bathroom in Memphis where the King had fallen. Perhaps the old bathroom of Val’s Halla might pay homage.

A gurgling fountain, black velvet tapestry, a pair of Elvis socks, multitudes of articles confirming his reincarnation, rare and precious samples of his artistry abound — providing a comforting respite for the weary musical traveler.

The most frequently asked question of Val before the move to the store’s current location at 239 W. Harrison St was whether the Elvis shrine would move with us. Well, the shrine is alive and well with Elvis himself serenading you as you are seated on our newly installed guitar “throne”. Come pay homage.

WTTW 11 – Wild Chicago – “Punks, Junk & More” (Part 1, 1991)

Take a stroll down memory lane with this vintage video tour of the Elvis Shrine at our old location. Then, come make your pilgrimage to 239 Harrison St in Oak Park to pay your respects to the king.