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The setting is the intimate and elegant Urban Art House in Forest Park. You have gathered with some old friends and look forward to meeting some new ones. Gently twisting in your right hand is a uniquely crafted cocktail you just picked up at the bar in the front of the room. You take your seat and the lights are gently dimmed. There is a brief moment of silence before the needle drops on the vintage turntable, then there is a wall of sound. This is the experience awaiting you at the Halla Listening Lounge.

Val’s halla Records has partnered with Urban Pioneer Group to create a one of a kind listening experience. In the current environment, seeing our favorite bands live has unfortunately been put on hold. Music fans are craving safe musical experiences to share with friends and family and that is what we are delivering with the Halla Listening Lounge.

We open the doors at the Urban Art House at 6:45 pm for guests with reservations for the night’s experience. For the first 20 minutes or so, we will have some music playing in the background and offer guests an opportunity to grab a drink and share in some conversation. Then the real fun begins. Each listening lounge event will feature an iconic album that we will play from beginning to end on our vintage sound system. It is an experience that can’t be missed. After listening to the first side of the album, we will have a brief discussion of the album and artist, then a flip of the disk and we are back to the immersive sound experience.

Once the featured album is complete, we will move on to the “all-skate” portion of the evening where YOU get to be the DJ. We encourage our guests to bring an album from home to share a couple of tracks with your friends, old and new. All the while, we will continue to enjoy tasty libations and engaging conversation.

This is the experience awaiting you at the new Halla Listening Lounge at the Urban Art House. Make your reservation today.  If you have any questions, contact us at (708) 524-1004.