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Meet Our Team

Shayne – Store Manager / Music Guru 

Shayne is our music guru with all the answers. He worked alongside Val for the last 2 decades and her spirit guides him to this day.  Shayne is in the store pretty much every day we’re open and his depth of musical knowledge is vast. Come by and chat him up about music…or Marvel…or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  And when you do, bring your dog in to say hi as well for God’s sake!

Jaxon – Store Assistant

Jaxon is an OPRF high school student who has been working at Val’s since July 2019. He came on board as a volunteer to help with odd jobs in exchange for store credit and quickly grew into a valuable member of the team.  Jaxon’s passion for music runs deep and he has learned an extraordinary amount in his time at the store. When he’s not working at Val’s, Jaxon is most likely playing his guitar or finding ways to procrastinate on getting his homework done. 

Jaxon’s philosophy on music: Listen to what you like. Music is personal, and people have different preferences, and enjoy different things, and you should listen to whatever that is.

Jaxon’s tips for shopping at Val’s: Just ask! If you name certain artists that you like, we will almost always be able to find something that you may enjoy.

Trevor – Boring “Bean Counter” Guy / Music Lover

Trevor is one of those accounting guys who loves spreadsheets, but he he is also a lifelong music lover who is grateful for the ways that he and his family’s lives have been enriched by involvement with many of Oak Park’s artistic institutions. When Val’s was on the brink of closing, he saw an opportunity to provide support and make a contribution to the cultural community. When Trevor is not working at Val’s, he’s likely supporting his sons in their many creative endeavors and working tirelessly on various other consulting projects and business ventures. 

Trevor’s philosophy on music: Explore! My true love of music was born out of 80’s alternative rock – a time when I spent every last penny I earned from my minimum wage job on music, a choice I have never regretted!  As a “grown up”, I think my greatest joy in music has come from exploring how the styles I love have been influenced by generations of musicians that came before.  You can just peel back layer after layer. Enjoy the journey.

Trevor’s tips for shopping at Val’s: It’s exciting to see a new generation really embrace vinyl.  We get a lot of younger shoppers in Val’s who just got their first turntable.  My recommendation is when you are in the store picking up that choice selection, also take a quick browse in our 79 cent bin.  These records are all playable, but don’t meet our very high standards for normal resale.  When you are there, pick up something you don’t know and perhaps in a musical style you don’t normally gravitate to.  This is an awesome way to begin that amazing musical journey.