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SATURDAY, APR 20 at 9:00AM

It’s that time of year…THE RECORD STORE DAY 2024 LIST IS OUT!  And of course, that means we need your help.

We need to have our store order in soon, so we need to know what our customers are interested in! We will obviously get A LOT of titles, but the form below is a helpful way to make sure we are trying to fill our customers’ wants (or perhaps needs).  Fill out the form HERE.

If you want more details than what are in the form above you can get additional info from the RSD website.  See these links below.

You can view the RSD web list HERE.

Or you can download the RSD pdf version HERE.

Note: We will use this info to guide our purchases. Per RSD rules, we cannot take any preorders and this info does not guarantee that we will receive the stock as many titles are VERY limited. That being said, your input is ALWAYS considered and we ALWAYS order titles that are requested in this outreach.