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Local and statewide mask mandates are coming to an end. What does this mean at Val’s halla Records?

  1. Because COVID-19 transmission is still substantial in Cook County, out of respect for our most vulnerable customers, our employees will continue to wear masks at this time.
  2. In conjunction with state and local actions, on Monday, Feb 28, we will no longer require our customers wear masks.

    That being said, if customers are willing, we would prefer that they wear masks for the time being as we know that each individual in the Val’s community may be at a different risk level and/or emotional spot as it relates to this complicated issue.

  3. If you are someone who is not comfortable being in a store when people aren’t wearing masks, please let us know. We will make an opportunity for you to shop in a manner that you are comfortable with. We will first ask any customer in the store who is not wearing a mask if they would mind putting one on. If they prefer not to, we will allow those customers to finish their shopping and then make the store available to those wearing masks for a period of shopping.

We are glad that conditions have improved allowing for this relaxing of the rules. We are also aware that we are all processing this differently. As we navigate through this, we ask for one thing:


We are so thankful for the amazing support we have been given through these trying times and we hope and expect that we will find a way to navigate through these changes together.

Thank you.

The Val’s Team (Trevor, Shayne, and Jaxon)