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“Hello, Boils & Ghouls! SPOOPY VINYL VIEWS is our CREEPY blog where we feature album recommendations from our SCREAM TEAM”  – SHAYNE “THE SKINWALKER” & JAXON “STILL AT LARGE”, and also from our GUEST UNDERTAKERS.

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Cristina Beller is an Illustrator and Artisan that specializes in all things dark and whimsical. She has represented Val’s halla Records at past events, selling her unique creations to Oak Park enthusiasts. She manages an Etsy jewelry company which is the largest on the East Coast, and the 4th largest in the world. She currently pursues her own work as a personal passion, but will have pieces for sale again in the near future. She would say she was born goth, and her mother would probably agree. She has always had a love for the macabre, and enjoyed picking out spooky tunes for this week’s Vinyl Views! You can check out her awesome artwork, jewelry etc. by CLICKING HERE!

Artist: Timber Timbre
Album: Creep On Creepin’

My favorite ways people have described this album: Blues, Folk, Creepwave, and a Halloween Doo-wop mix tape. They aren’t wrong. This is the fourth studio album by Timber Timbre, and was released in 2011. It’s incredibly difficult to pick a standout track among the 10 songs on the album, as I consider 7 of them favorites. This is one of the few albums I play without skipping anything. But if I had to choose one it would probably be the title track, Creep On Creepin’ On. It’s a slow and melodious Southern Gothic anthem, with spooky and distorted keyboards and… saxophone! I love the fact that they recorded some of the album in a converted church. You can really feel the religious elements in the music. It sounds like the creations of a deranged Cult Leader, with a little bit of New Orleans Voodoo priest thrown in. It’s a perfect all year round dark and mysterious album, but especially appropriate for this time of year.

Check out the track Creep on Creepin’.


Artist: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Album: JuJu

This album is so Halloween!!! As soon as the first track Spellbound starts up, I can feel the cool crisp air, smell the cinnamon and spice, and I want to go stomping around town in my big black witchy boots. JuJu is the fourth studio album by Siouxsie and the Banshees and was released in 1981. It is described as Post-Punk, Gothic Rock, and Art Rock. Siouxsie’s vocals are rich and invigorating and the unique guitars by John McGeoch are exotic and mysterious, with mesmerizing percussion by Budgie that will leave you in a trance. This album will really transport you to a dark, fantastical, and mysterious place, and make you want to kick up your skirts and dance! My favorite track out of the 9 on the album would have to be the first one, Spellbound. Followed closely by Sin In My Heart, Into The Light, Arabian Knights, and Halloween. This is a must-listen for me every fall.

Check out the track Spellbound


Artist: Cinema Strange
Album: Cinema Strange

I tried to narrow down one album, but I really can’t! There are a few tracks from three that really stand out and that I play religiously every fall and winter. The three albums are Cinema Strange, Astonished Eyes of Evening, and Quatorze Examples Authentiques du Triomphe de la Musique Décorative.

I will focus on Cinema Strange, which is a highly theatrical band with a very unique sound. To me, it is the music equivalent of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey’s characters and illustrations. It is typically labeled as Gothic Rock but is much more Art Rock. It’s the perfect music for sad Victorian porcelain dollies haunted by the memories of the souls of the dead children that they harbor. The self-titled album was released in 2000 and consists of 10 tracks. The first track Aboriginal Anemia really sets the mood with a grainy crackling and popping sound an old record would make, and a disembodied voice skipping over and over again. The standout tracks are without a doubt the last two, Lindsay’s Trachea, and Greensward Grey.

Check out the track Lindsay’s Trachea.


Artist: The Shaggs
Album: Philosophy Of The World

This is maybe the best example ever of failing upwards. Austin Wiggin seemed to believe that if you had enough children, baby you had a band goin’! It helps if any of said offspring are musically inclined though, and sadly (thankfully) that was not the case. The result is one of the most technically awful albums ever recorded but also an absolute camp classic! The highlight of which just happens to be this holiday anthem. 

Check out the track It’s Halloween.


Artist: Tim Curry
Album: The Worst Witch Soundtrack

Clearly this was a lay-up for me. I thought for sure Cristina was going to claim this immediately but I’m happy to take it! This song might be more recognizable than the movie it comes from at this point, and why not? Tim Curry is already a Halloween icon and here we see him rightfully descend upon his adoring public and tell you in no uncertain terms why. It’s glorious. Long live the king.

Check out the track Anything Can Happen on Halloween.


Artist: The Kronos Quartet
Album: Black Angels

Stepping away from the camp for this entry for something legitimately scary. This whole album is nightmarish but the opening piece by George Crumb, in particular, comes at you right out the gate like you’re being attacked by bats. Then mimicking rusty gates and coffin creeks. I think this is the definitive Halloween track (eat your heart out Monster Mash!)

Check out the track Black Angels.

Artist: The Dickies
Album: Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Plain and simple – The Dickies are a fun band. While being one of the forefathers of hardcore punk, they were still extremely goofy and didn’t take themselves too seriously. This EP is no exception. A perfect example is their cover of “Eep Opp Ork (Uh, Uh)” from Jet Screamer (a fictious teen idol from the T.V. cartoon show, The Jetsons). But the reason I put this as my spoopy pick, is for their theme song from one of my all-time favorite movies, Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Check out the song. Check out the movie. Just do it.

Check out the track Killer Klowns From Outer Space.


Artist: C.A. Quintet
Album: Trip Thru Hell

This album is a spaced out, psychedelic, garage rock rarity with smears of spooky stuff all over it. While not being directly horror-themed, songs like Cold Spider have some definite Halloween vibes. If you are into psychedelic or garage rock, you should add this to your Halloween mix. It’s way better than candy corn.

Check out the track Cold Spider.


Artist: Black Sabbath
Album: Black Sabbath

This shouldn’t need much explanation. Black Sabbath was heavy, dark, and gloomy in all the right ways. The perfect blend for spooks. The witchcraft references in their lyrics add to the mystery and macabre. The opening track, Black Sabbath, opens like a ghost story, with stormy noises, and a ringing bell. This album is fantastic, but I probably didn’t need to tell any of you that. Just sit back and enjoy it. 

Check out the track Black Sabbath.

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